Ming Wang Hope Wrap Giveback Event

March 12 - 14 | 12:00pm - 9:00am

Meeting Place:
By that landmark everyone konws.

Special Notes:
Things to bring, warnings, who can participate,RSVPs, and any other notes for residents.

Decide what type of garden to grow.
What purpose do you want your garden to serve? Some gardens are functional and produce fruit and vegetables you can use to feed your family or give away to neighbors. Others are more ornamental in purpose, serving to beautify your property and provide a pleasing sight to people passing by. If you’re not sure what type of garden you want, consider the following options: Vegetable gardens can include peppers, tomatoes, cabbages and lettuces, potatoes, squash, carrots, and many other vegetables. If vegetables can grow in your climate, you can find a way to grow them in your yard.

In flower gardens, different types of flowers may be strategically planted so that something is in bloom almost all year long. Some flower gardens are structured with plantings in neat rows and patterns; others are wilder in appearance. Your personal style and yard size will determine what type of flower garden you might plant. Herb gardens often complement both flower and vegetable gardens, since they tend to bloom beautifully while serving the functional purpose of adding flavor to your food.