Free To Be.

We believe your space should be its own retreat from the worries of the world and a space to connect with nature and humanity.

Moving from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ perspective.

Community is the linchpin of our developments in a return to wellness centric living.

Where you live and how live is more than a space, it’s the people and places and all things we encounter along the way that matter.

  • Community makes us connected.

  • We thrive on long walks and great coffee.

  • Dogs keep us running.

  • Bicycles are our cars.

It takes a village.

People want to feel like they live in a village and be part of a community, not just a cluster of homes and concrete.

Where You Live Matters.

We believe that living well is a necessity and if the culture of a place is healthier, you’ll be healthier.

Over the years, being “well” has become less about making it to your morning yoga class or nailing your juice cleanse and more about chasing an authentic communion with your spirit, your body, and the world around you.

See everything differently.

We use ancient methods and new technology as a key for understanding how humans might live better on the earth.

People are complex, and how they interact with spaces is even more complex. However if we take a step back and focus on empathic, people-centric spaces we can return to what makes us most human.

With modern technologies, media and means of transportation, our relationship with one another and nature has been disturbed.

We Help
People Exhale.

Find a place where you become connected to the moment and yourself. Be present at Synergy.